Загрозени животни и растенија

No endangered animal and plant species or products derived from them may be brought to or taken out from Macedonia. In line with CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), the import and export of endangered animal and plant species and their products is prohibited by Law.

Trade in endangered and protected wild plants, fungi and animals and product derived from them is subject to appropriate document - license issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning. This license must be obtained in advance. Illegally imported animals and plants are often infected with dangerous diseases and parasites.
Examples of protected animal and plant species and products derived from them:

  • Brown bear, grey hawk, Hipparchia semele butterfly (critically endangered), wolves, snakes, lizards and tropical animals,
  • corals and shells,
  • exotic plants such as orchids and cactuses etc,
all products and articles derived from endangered plant and animal species, such as:
  • musical instruments
  • coral or ivory artifacts
  • clothing, footwear and accessories etc.

Customs and police officers or inspectors will confiscate any illegal shipment. Besides paying fines, perpetrators shall cover all other expenses for the care or storage of such shipments.

Be a careful buyer and protect nature and species!